Joining the lab

Undergraduate researchers

We will be looking to hire undergraduate researchers in the 2023-2024 academic year. Stay tuned for more information.

Lab tech / manager

We are looking to hire a lab tech / lab manager, with reviews of applicants beginning March 15, 2023. Stay tuned for a link to the formal posting. 

Graduate students

We are recruiting 1-2 PhD students in the 2022-23 cycle. I (Dr. Liu) am looking for students who share some of my interests and are ready to take the leap to begin their own research program, with lots of support from me. I am open to co-mentorship. Applications are due Dec 15 each year. For more information, see

In my view, there is not one way to write a successful personal statement. However, successful statements tend to answer 3 questions: (1) What skills and interests have you acquired from prior research experience? (2) What are your current research interests (more specific than "development", or "the brain")? and (3) Why are you applying to work with me?

Post docs

My (Dr. Liu's) goal for postdocs is to prepare them to launch their own distinct line of research, in their own lab. I also understand that post docs and graduate students in the lab may choose to leave academia. I will support this decision and help connect you to resources to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

If you are interested in being a postdoc in the lab, please reach out to me via email. Include a brief statement of your interests and a few ideas for what we could work on together. If we have a solid idea for a project, I would be happy to write a fellowship grant with you the year before your intended start date (e.g. NSF SBE or STEM Ed; NIH NRSA Fellowship; SSHRC Fellowship; Banting Fellowship). While I would ideally like to promise to support all postdocs for their first year, this will depend on the skills and interests of the postdoc candidate, and funding availability.